Gonna 青蛙(FROG) It!

It is a painful heartache decision! My intuition keep telling me that I am not loving this project and there is no point to keep making it. I read the message pretty clearly and my heart still struggled and fought back. I finally made up my mind that I AM GOING TO FROG the beatnik sweater that I have been making. Yup! I have knitted into the 3rd ball of yarn and I decided that the yarn I picked just is not going to work with the pattern. It is not the yarn problem itself but the overall problems here which are my body size + yarn choice + cable pattern pull over — They just don’t sum up and make a perfect sweater that I will wear often. We want to make ourselves something that we will always use right? especially a winter pullover. I don’t want to spend weeks to get it done and at the end just storing it nicely in the closet. Not worth the time and hardwork!


Love those cables but sadly...


I will make this again and hopefully soon!

Therefore, I know I have to make something else with this beautiful tweed Aran weight yarn. Just something else but not Beatnik sadly. I truly love Beatnik and I know when I decide to make this pattern, I have to go with worsted weight or DK weight yarn. I din realize how much chunkier weight yarn + heavily cabled pattern will make me looks that much BIGGER. 😦 Not cool at all. Sigh, decision made and I will frog this project!

So, the shade card of Brooklyn Tweed LOFT arrived few days ago and after admiring those beautiful colorways for few hours… I broke down and purchased some. (I did say I wanted to be on a yarn diet but I failed terribly! Blame the LOFT) It is definitely not a easy to pick 1 or FEW colorways from the collection to order. They are incredibly GORGEOUS! If budget is not an issue, I would definitely have ordered 2 skeins of each colorway. Well, I understand this is a common dream of most knitters/crocheters. We love yarn and we always want to HAVE them all! Anyway, I picked 3 colorways for my first order from BT; The Long John, Button Jar and Thistle. Not only green and purple that I ordered but also red! 🙂


Brooklyn Tweed Yarns




I believe the yarn will arrive within this week. Till then, let the shade card does the speaking and you will have to agree with me that Jared Flood and his team are real genius for putting all these beautiful colorways together. There is no ONE colorway that I dislike.

2 thoughts on “Gonna 青蛙(FROG) It!

  1. I can relate! Just this morning I updated my Rav notebook to show that I frogged my Koi-Rama shawl. Love your pattern, love the yarn (from Beaverslide Dry Goods, a Montana company I found out about from Jared Flood’s blog a few years ago). But together they just weren’t right for each other. 😦 So I’ll do some more matchmaking and find a better partner for each of them and all will be well.

    And I agree, the new Loft yarn looks gorgeous.

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