My name is Kitman Figueroa, now residing at Plano with a Texan hubby. Have no kid but a dog Pepe and tons of yarn and needles. I started knitting crazily about five years ago and last year I began to design my own knitwear. Bottom-up shawl is my favourite design and I can see myself keep making them in the future.

I am from Malaysia and I always miss home eventhough Texas is my home as well. If time and money are allowing, I would travel back home as often as I wish and I pray so hard that plane fare won’t raise sky high every year.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any question regarding my designs. My username in Ravelry is kitman and my email is kitman123@hotmail.com

Life is too short to be upset and depress about. Pick up needle and start knitting while your mind is allowed to wander around!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Do you have any updates on your pattern “Peacock Shawlette”? I am having problems with the first couple of rows. Have you any suggestions or has anyone else had problems. Help. and thank you.

    • Hi,

      All the stitch guides and abbreviations are at Pg.17 of the pattern and I also have replied you an email to explain further about this stitch. Hopefully that helps!

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