I Like What I See

After making few bottom up shawls, I have decided to try something different. How about a sideway shawl this time? I want this shawl to be something simple and suitable for all seasons used. Depending on the yarn choice you pick, you will get a very different version of this shawl. I haven’t have any name yet for this shawl at the moment and I am already thinking to have one of my test knitters to make this in a heavier weight yarn, probably a DK or worsted.


Sideway shawl is a fun and mindless knit project. I am glad how the lace leave pattern goes so well with the seed stitch. I am still thinking how many size I should write out for this shawl in the pattern. The yarn that I bought from DyeForWool is about 440yard and I am trying my best to use up all of it, so this shawl will be a Medium.


I used a 4mm needle for the swatch few days ago and I am now using a 3.75mm for this project. I really like the stitch definition better with a needle size smaller. Here I work on the increasing rows and can’t wait to get to the middle part! I dry block the work real quick with some pins to see if I am happy with the increase shaping and I have to say that I like what I see so far!


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