It happens again…

How many time I asked myself, if there was enough yarn to complete this shawl and my heart gave me a positive answer.

I actually made this shawl last week with less than a skein of yarn that claims to be 400yard and I thought 385yard of Primo will be sufficient to make the same shawl in same size but guess what… I don’t have enough yarn to complete the shawl. * Banging my head on the wall … *

Rescue shout out was made and there is a kind lady from Ravelry will try to send me some next week. She is going to the Sock Summit and will only be back at late Sunday. I just wish she could spare me 15-20yard and I cross my finger that the color won’t be off too much.

Sigh… SIGH… I can’t believe this happens again!!!

Anyway, the final clue of the mystery KAL has been released and I know for sure I will see some beautiful FOs tomorrow. This is such a good experience I have from this KAL and I already can’t wait for the next one. Naming a design is always hard and challenging but it will be a different story with a little help from people around me. hehe! Mystère is the name that suggested by Vi and I will stick with it! Simple because it is my first ever mystery KAL and the twisted stitches of the pattern do look like a mysterious maze! Clap clap for the name! I like it!


Heart sinks again seeing my incomplete shawl laying sadly on the carpet waiting for rescue…


4 thoughts on “It happens again…

  1. That is very lovely. When will the pattern be available for sale for those of us who missed the whole thing. 😦

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