Name drawn and Yarn wound!

Two names were drawn randomly ( and I am going to announce who the two test knitters are! * Drum roll please~ *

They are Sarah V. (2nd comment) and Penny (18th comment)!!! I hope they will have fun in this test knit with the others! And the yarn will be arriving next week after I pass your mailing address to Mira! Thanks so much for the rest who participated in this give-away test knit event. I will try to organize more fun stuff like this in the future! Many thanks again!

It is the time of the year of WWMM11 – Wollmeise Madness KAL and I decided to join in this fun KAL. There are many different categories of knitting projects going on at the moment. Basically the madness KAL started by 1st of August and you have 2 months to complete some beautiful projects using only Wollmeise yarn. You can win yourself some fantastic prizes including some Wollmeise yarn and patterns. Winners are randomly picked but they must have completed their project before the end of September.

I have been thinking to knit myself a cardigan or sweater for some times and it is a good time for me to commit to a garment project. Vitamin D cardigan is a beautiful simple garment that I can see myself wearing very often. I purchased the pattern this evening and I will be knitting it with the 4 skeins of Schwefel 80/20 I grabbed two weeks ago. It is a new colorway, a nice olive green. Yarn is wound and needle is ready~ Here I cast on a big project after many years not knitting myself any cardigan! I HAVE TO FINISH THIS!!! —- > very determined!


4 thoughts on “Name drawn and Yarn wound!

  1. THAT’S ME!!! I can’t believe it, I am SO excited! I very rarely win things! I’ll be watching for your email, hurray!!!! Thanks SO much for doing this Kitman, what a cool opportunity!

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