Rec Rev

Finally, I got to knit quite much for the past few days. I came back to hometown and spend a whole week here with my parents. The traveling has been hectic lately and I got myself a flu as well. The coughing was killing me especially when I was at Singapore. After second course of antibiotic, I am feeling much better now.

There is only one project on my needles now after the triangle shawl Rev. I am making a rectangular shawl/wrap using the Rev pretty leaf lace stitches in fingering weight yarn. I plan to use two skein of yarn to complete this shawl and I know it will take a while to get it done. So far I have completed 3 repeats of the patterns and used less than half of the skein.


It is a beautiful dark teal and the color is a little off here!

A new project shall start real soon and I need to turn on my turbo mode again!


When I was 6...


Beautiful plant that my parents have in the garden



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