Mystery KAL Summer 2012

To make the summer funnier, I will have a mystery knit-along (MKAL) in this coming June. Have you participated in any MKAL before? If no, maybe you will be interested in playing this with us. It is rather exciting to knit something that you have NO idea at all what it will look like and can only know more about it row by row when the work grows. 🙂

I drew this for the June mystery KAL!

This is the 3rd MKAL of mine and the excitement is not any lesser than the previous two. This mystery KAL shawl is inspired by the interesting story, Jack and the Beanstalk. In fact, I used a beautiful green colorway to knit this shawl. Like most of my shawls, this one is knitted bottom up too. And if you want to find out more about this MKAL, please visit to MY GROUP in Ravlery and you will get all the information you need for this KAL. Please come join us~

The Memorial day long weekend is coming and do you all have any special plan? I will have a busy weekend ahead. John and I are invited to a lake party on Sunday. This friend of ours has a beautiful family lake house not too far away from Dallas. They will have a life band lake party that night. I believe many people are invited and I will bring my camera along to snap some pictures. Can’t wait to see the lake and have a nice relaxing evening there! Also, we will go to a baseball game on Monday~~~ Woo Hoo~ I will be watching my first ever Rangers game. I want to see Yu Darvish! Will he be pitching that night? I definitely need to get a Rangers hat or top! Good weekend to you all~

Frogged! and the yarn turned into curly noodle! Love this yarn and what exactly am I making?

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