I know that I should show some other shawl designs before showing this one but since it is the latest one I have made so I decide to go ahead and show it. Leav, is the latest shawl that I have made. A very easy, simple, elegant and lightweight shawl. It is inspired by the famous shawl Wingspan by Maylin. With the same construction of Wingspan, I made a lace shawl version with a simple leaf lace pattern.



You can be a lace knitting beginner to attempt this shawl. Very easy! Also, it is a very beads friendly shawl. I beaded mine with 3 different color glass beads and the outcome is very satisfying. You can use only one skein of fingering weight for this shawl. A skein of Aurora in Wisteria was used to complete my Leav and I managed to make 10 leaf triangles. It wraps nicely around my neck and it is too bad that I can’t use it till late September. The weather is crawling up slowly and scary in TX and I am not liking it.

After done complaining about the TX hot weather, here I want to tell you about <yarn + pattern>. NOW the leav. shawl pattern will be FREE when you purchase any skein of yarn at the Tumbleweed Yarn. You can just get the pattern itself at my Ravelry store with the price of 4.50usd. The pattern will be sent to your paypal email after the yarn is purchased at ETSY or I can send the pattern to your Ravelry library. What you have to do is just to tell us your Ravelry username at the checkout.

Diana and I are working on our yarn inventory and we have so much fun making new colorways. I am really loving spending time with yarn, dyeing and knitting. No one can have enough yarn stash, please visit to our hand dyed yarn store and look at some beautiful yarn. It shouldn’t be too hard to spot one or few favourite color of yours. If you hope to see certain color in the store, just give us a shout out either at our blog or etsy store.




Glo Worm


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