New Toy and More Yarn

Heard so much about Apple’s product and I din’t own any big product but the first generation iPod which has gone missing for some times. I wanted to get an iPhone 4 badly but hubby just not a big fans of Apple and we have been T-mobile’s customers for years so there is no way John will want to change to ATnT just for iPhone. At the end, we both got a Samsung Galaxy S, which is not bad at all.


I got my hands on the iPad the very first time when I was at Malaysia and I really like it a lot. But to choose between an iPad and a MacBook, I have to go for the later option. Most Apple’s user tell me that I will be addicted to Apple’s product once you try one and after using my MacBook Pro for less than a week, I can tell you that I am totally sold. I am already imagining myself using a bigger screen MacBook or even a desktop. Anyway, I am really impressed with my new toy and I hope it won’t give me much problem.

Before I headed home from Malaysia, I have already ordered some yarn online. 2 skein of Barking Dog, 2 skeins of Sundara socks and 1 skein of Wollmeise 100%. I also purchase 3 skeins of fingering yarn from Pat (Dream Passion) when I was in Malaysia and I am pretty excited to try out some new brand yarn. At the moment, I would like to try out Sanguine Gryphon, The Woolen Rabbit and Sweet Georgia. Oh, I almost forgot that I had also ordered some yarn from Dyeforwool. I really really can’t wait to see how gorgeous these yarn will be.


Barking Dog - Loganberry


Dream Passion - Pale Silver and Xanadu

Wollmeise 100% - Fuchsia

Sundara Socks - Earth Studies #39

I haven’t picked up my needle and knit a bit since I am home and the WIP is laying quietly next to me all these time. I really really should start working on it as well the pattern for Cobble…… blame the jetlag!

Using paper clips as stitch markers ...


5 thoughts on “New Toy and More Yarn

  1. Congratulations on your new blog! It’s beautiful!
    Thank you for your introduction Kitman. I can’t wait to see your patterns designed with my yarns 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your new blog. I love to read what your are designing next and things happen in your life. I can understand the computer. I bought one myself 5 month ago and I love it. Will never use anything but Mac again.

  3. that last green thing looks awesome kitman! also, i totally didn’t notice you got a macbook while we were over yesterday XD what did you do with your old laptop?

    • Hihi,
      my old laptop is sitting next to my mac on the table! =D
      You guys were only here short while and the wombat distracted everything! hehe!

      • ooh soon you’ll be just like dad, on a million things at once! HAHA. that wombat DID distract everything. we were still like “omg wombat!!” when we got home. WE CAN’T WAIT TO COME SEE HIM AGAIN ❤

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