Repunzel Knits!

watched ‘Tangled’ on the plane when I flew back to the States and I was very well entertained by it. Not the love story itself but the hilarious horse, Maximus. He acts like a big boy most of the time and a puppy sometimes.

Repunzel is sweet and she sings amazingly well! (Mandy Moore’s voice) And… SHE KNITS! Haaaa! That makes her even a more interesting character to love! Poor Repunzel was trapped in the tower for 18yrs and knitting is one of her favourite things to do. Well, come to think of it, the witch couldn’t be THAT bad if she provided yarn and needles to Repunzel! =)

She is knitting a skinny scarf~ Fashionista!

3 thoughts on “Repunzel Knits!

  1. They mentioned this in Vogue Knitting, too. The cartoonists went to great lengths to make sure she knit correctly. 🙂 I always get a laugh when cartoon characters knit – they have no idea what they are doing! HA! 🙂
    (Even my kids notice, now!)

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