Purple Storm

The weather has been dim and dull for two days and I just don’t feel like going out at all. I am glad that the weather of Easter Sunday was not bad at all and I got to spend some good time with my family at the backyard.

It is a very memorable Good Friday and Easter to me this year. Firstly, my friend’s husband finally got a matched kidney after a long wait oversea. He had the operation undergone successfully and I pray and wish him a speedy recovery. It is such a great relieve for my friend and her family. I really really pray hard that this new kidney will serve him good and they whole family can gain their life back and live happily again.

Secondly, it is a very heartbreaking story. My sister in law’s precious dogs, Haley and Hannah died on Saturday and Sunday. They both were old dogs with illness but we just dint expect Hannah will be dead the next day after Haley’s pass. It was shocking and heartbreaking to everyone of us. We love them. I always like to have them around at parents in law’s and they were so sweet and good behaved dogs. I believe they are now at a better place and they will keep each other company. We will always miss you Haley and Hannah.

After making Frangipani with a green wollmeise, I am now in the mood to knit something with purple. I really like the purple yarn I got from DyeForWool ETSY. The colorway is simply gorgeous. I realize this is a thinner fingering weight and I made a swatch for the lace pattern that I gonna use for the next design. A 4mm needle is used in this swatch and I think I will use a needle size smaller for the actual project. The yarn is fun to knit with and I really really love this purple.

Purple Leaf

Purple Leaf

It is not a hard task for me to prepare dinner since there is only hubby and I. He is a no big picky at food and he loves chinese food. I just have to cook a simple dish to go with either pasta or rice most of the time. We both have been trying hard to watch out our diet therefore chicken breast with vegetable are more preferable. So I made some chicken breast with asparagus last night. I added some chili pepper flakes as well to give it a richer taste. We both love it!



NewYork Cheesecake that made for Easter dinner. Turned out to be smooshier than usual. Gotta bake another one soon.

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