Wollmeise Fever!

My first few skeins of Wollmeise are from yarn destash at Ravelry. I visited Wollmeise site before and always found that there are out of stock. After reading up some posts at the wollmeise group at Ravelry, I know that we have to be “stalking” the weekly updates in order to get some goodies.

I tried my luck 3 weeks ago and I managed to get a skein of Vamp and Kornblume in 100% Superwash Merino, also a small bag of We’re Different semi-solid Lila grab bag (there will be 2 skeins in a small bag). I tell you, this stalking action can be addictive. I have this butterfly in the stomach feeling for the whole process once the updates are done.

The week after my first ever purchase was Thanksgiving Friday and Wollmeise had no updates that week. After waiting a week, I waited for the updates at Friday 1.00am religiously in front of my laptop and this time, it took an hour wait for the updates to be ready. The update was ready by 2am and I was kinda tired by then but that dint affect the alertness and skillfulness of my finger and mind. I managed to buy 3 skeins of 100% Merino Superwash. After 9 hours, I waited patiently again for the evening grab bag updates and I got the small bag of WD semi-solid kunterbunt and also a WD lila bag.

Aahh…I am all sold! I love Wollmeise and they make me pretty darn happy!!! I tell myself NOT to buy crazily anymore. I can only be allowed to buy a skein or two a MONTH but can I really obey this rule? ANYWAY, let’s have a peek at my Wollmeise collection. =) ——> very happy big smile I have!

minze, kornblume, lavendal, Petit Poison Nr. 5 medium, fuchsia, vamp

kornblume and vamp

Amethyst medium and Fliederbusch

The last 4 skeins on the last 2 photos are what I got from the first purchase. They took about 2 weeks to get here and they were wrapped up nicely in a paperbag with a pattern and small bag or gummybears! I keep the yarn and the gummybears go to hubby! There will be more photos coming up 2 weeks later when I got the 7 skeins of Wollmeise. Yay!

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