No Name Yet

I tend to knit faster to keep up with my yarn stash increasing rate, so I won’t be too guilty when I shop for fingering yarn. One of my new year resolutions is to design 11 patterns this year and so far I think I am still on track.

While the Frangipani shawl is being test knitted, I already started a new shawl. It is my first ever sideway shawl crescent shawl and I had fun making it. The main body of this shawl is made of pretty seed stitch and the border edge is a lacy leaf pattern. It is a very easy and fast, mindless knit. Knitter can easily customize the size of the shawl after knitting few repeats.

I am still thinking what size should be included in the pattern, probably just medium and large. Try not to worry about the pattern writing part now, shall we look at the this shawl? It is so pretty and drapery after blocked. This is definitely a easy knit for knitters who has never make a shawl or tend to start with something easy.

More details will be stated once this pattern is ready to publish. I have no name for this shawl yet and I always have hard time naming a design. Shall I knit another one with tweed DK weight? I know I have some beautiful Debbie Bliss tweed DK weight yarn. Well, it is time to look through my yarn stash and see what they speak to me.






4 thoughts on “No Name Yet

  1. The swatch was promising and the finished piece is stunning ! I like everything : the lacey edging and the beautiful stitch pattern… Looking forward to buy the pattern ☺

  2. I love this shawl. I like the idea of working this sideways and the seed stitch is a nice change from all the shawls that use ss or garter. the border is beautiful!!! I can hardly wait!!!

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