Bad bad Hackberry!

The crawfish party was such a fun party. We left the party around 11pm and we had so many amazing food that day. That is definitely a highlight of pre-Summer. I am looking forward to the next year Crawfish party already.

We went to parents in law’s the next day to help them cut down some trees. The weather was not bad at all and I din’t help much actually because the men were doing such great job. Mom told me that the hackberry tree has to go and I remembered we used to have a hackberry tree at the back of the house, near the garage entry. John always complaint about that tree. About few months go, he had some tree cutters come and remove it.

The Hackberry tree at Parent’s was probably 20 something years old. It was hard as an iron to cut it down. John, Jeff and dad took about 2 hours to get all the work done. Besides cutting down the hackberry, they also trimmed some wild branches above the roof. I think they had fun there.



Jeff is in action cutting down the bad tree


Some good woods for winter fire


Tired Father and Son


Nice Old House

After a hard work afternoon, dad and mom cooked us a delicious beef and chicken fajitas. Dad’s fajitas is always good. On top of that, the basketball match on the TV made the dinner even better. Maverick won 4 games in the row, over the Lakers at the playoff. It is a big, unbelievable news for many people. I myself is not a basketball game fans but I know Lakers is a big famous team. Well, GOOD JOB Mavericks~

Talk about sport, I am more into football (soccer). Manchester United is doing good job at both Premier League and Champions League. We need one more point to win the Premier League Champion again. For the Champions league, we will be playing against Barcelona, that will be a tough game. Oh ya, have you all seen the diet Pepsi commercial on TV? About a hot girl seeing David Beckham at the beach? I think that is kinda funny! David Beckham used to play for Manchester United but he is never my favourite player. Anyhow, I like to look at good looking athletes! That makes my eyes happy, makes me happy!

At last , I would like to show you all few photos of my parents in laws’ dog, Coco. Coco is a overweight Chiwawa. She can be very yappy but sweet most of the time. She used to have a friend to be around her, Snooper but Snooper passed like few days before the Thanksgiving last year. He was an old dog. I can see sadness and boredom in Coco’s eyes after Snooper is not around. I miss Snooper, Haley and Hannah!




She always barks at Postman


I miss Snooper!

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