Melosa Is the Name…

Melosa, is the chosen name for the first sideway shawl that I designed. It is a variant name of Melisa, means sweet and gentle in Spanish. I personally enjoy making it very much and this shawl reminds me of a Spanish dancer and I definitely can see her wearing this shawl dancing on the floor.

A fingering yarn was used for Melosa and I want to see it in a heavier weight yarn badly. So, I went to my favourite LYS, Woolie Ewe and searched for some DK or Sport yarn. At first, I really wanted to get a tweed yarn but I din’t see anything that excite me. At last, I chose the Noro, Maiko to make another Melosa.


Maiko is a 8 ply DK weight yarn, luxurious blend of silk, wool and kid mohair. I bought 4 skeins and so far I have almost finished knitting a skein. I picked a deep green solid colorway, and I can’t wait for the shawl to be done, well blocked and ready for some photos outdoor. The silk blend in the yarn gives it a light tweedy highlight and this is why I like the yarn so much.


I tend to make this in a Large size with the 4 skeins I got. The large size of Melosa in DK weight will turn out to be a good size wrap I believe.

It is the annual crawfish party of Mike and Gloria (brother and sista in law) tomorrow. I LOVE this party because they make fantastic food every year. I am not  really a big fan of crawfish but I love the spicy corn and potatoes that cook with the crawfish. Yum Yum! Good weekend to you all!

4 thoughts on “Melosa Is the Name…

  1. I really love Melosa in blue, yet it’s amazing how (beautifully) different it looks in this gorgeous green ! Now i want to knit two (or more ☺) I’m even more looking forward to putting my hands on the pattern ☺

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