I have never met John’s uncle, Uncle Vetto before and the first time I saw him was actually at his funeral. This is the first funeral I attended at the States. It was simple but formal. We all got teared up a little bit when we got up to have the final view of Uncle Vetto. It was emotional, it was sad. He lived a long life and he was 93 when he left. I saw my father in law actually held his hand with a tight grab for the last time and that made me cry.

Life is short and precious. We probably don’t always think of death but it can be so far and yet so close. The older I become, the more I believe that we really should live our lives with no regret. Take time to know yourself more, love yourself better and at the same time, do goods and show loves to the people around you that you care about.

I have been knitting, but slow. I was so close to throw the Melosa-in-green away and start a new design BUT I managed to stop that. I think I need another day or two to complete this shawl. Blocked FO photos can be ready by the weekend! At the same time, I am still writing up the Melosa pattern for test knit. I am working real hard on them, believe me.

Before I can show you all the FO photos of Melosa-in-green, I want to introduce a new rectangular shawl, Missie. You might find it looks very familiar and yes, it has the same lace stitch pattern as the Frangipani.



There are few test knitters are knitting this rectangular shawl at the moment and this pattern will be available for sale on Ravelry two weeks later. For knitters who buy Frangipani, Missie will come with it together with no extra cost. I will upload the file on Frangipani pattern site when it is ready. Knitters will be provided two links to download, which are the Frangipani triangular shawl as well the Missie rectangular shawl.



The Knitter’s blog has made a post about my designs and Yarn-harlot Stephanie has finished making Damask and she will be sharing the FO photos tomorrow! How exciting is that? I will be writing about these for tomorrow post.

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