Lucky Damask Lucky Me

Finally, Yarn-Harlot Stephanie Pearl McPhee has finished making Damask in the luxurious Jacob yarn that she spun. This is definitely an exciting knitting project that I have keep my both eyes on. Not only that I am eager to see how her finished Damask would be, I am also very nervous to find out if Stephanie enjoy making it or not.

Stephanie made a post about insufficient yarn for Damask yesterday before she posted the FO photos and that nearly gave me a mild heart attack. I held my breath while I speedily read up the post and thanks god that smart Stephanie managed to spin another few yard of yarn to complete the final 11 rows. Phew~  What a relieve! She is indeed a very smart and determined knitter. I salute her for her quick capability in solving problem.

Please visit her blog to have a look at the Jacob Damask she made. The color changes gradually from dark grey to white as the pattern goes without distracting the lace pattern details. I am really happy to know that Stephanie likes how this shawl turned out. I bet the shawl is soft to touch, to squeeze and to wrap around with. Hopefully one day I get to play with some yummy Jacob too.

Besides Stephanie, Dep ed Rosee Woodland and Ed Juliet Bernard of the The Knitter magazine also made Damask. Their Damask KAL experiences were posted at The Knitter’s blog site with the title “Kitmania and Knitalongs”! It is an interesting post about their yarn choices for Damask, as well as some knitting techniques and FO photos.

Nancy Ricci is the creator of the blog, Getting Purly With It. She is a passionate knitter like most of us. Her mission is to encourage other knitters to have fun with their knitting and to find their creative satisfaction. Nancy approached me a week ago to gain permission to use some of my designs photos to make a post about lace shawls. After that post, she actually dedicated another post to me. Nancy introduced few of my shawls with brief but thorough details. I really appreciate the kindness and effort of hers to make such beautiful post about my designs.

Seeing other knitters making and liking my designs are something very satisfying to me. It always give me a raised heartbeats when receiving comments or messages from them telling me how much they like my designs. They never hesitate to give beautiful encouraging words and I want to tell them that I really appreciate their kind gestures.

Thank you all!

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