Let’s Talk About Yarn!

Every knitter or crocheter surely have their own yarn stash. I clearly remember the very first few years of my knitting journey, I always envy other knitters who have a mountain of yarn stash. I actually told my hubby that I wanted to have a whole bath tub of yarn stash and I will dive in the yarn nakedly and take a picture with all my precious yarn.Well, it took not more than another 2 years for my yarn stash to grow larger than a bath tub capacity. I did not take a picture of myself naked in the bath tub with my yarn stash and I definitely did not stop buying yarn.

I used to be very crazy about DK or sport weight yarn before I got addicted to fingering yarn. I mainly buy fingering yarn nowadays. Fingering yarns that has 440yard/100gm yardage is my favourite because they are enough to make a medium size Shawl. But sadly, most of my favourite hand dyed yarns only have 370-400yard per skein. I usually have to purchase 2 skeins in order not to run short of yarn in making larger shawl.

Sundara yarn, The Plucky Knitter, Malabrigo and Wollmeise are my favourite fingering yarn. I have used them for most of my shawls. Let’s talk about these beautiful yarn today.

I always love Sundara Sock yarn. Sundara always has good color sense in dyeing. Most of the color is richly saturated and condensed. The yarn base that used for the sock is soft and shinny. Taj-Mahal is the first Sundara Sock I used and I was deeply in love with the color. After making Taj-Mahal, I used 2 skein of Crimson colorway to make Jaali. It is such a joy to knit Sundara yarn.

About 2 months ago, Sundara has a new yarn base used in their collection. It is only available through monthly subscription. Two new colorway of fingering yarns will be shipped to you every month from April. This new yarn base has a much lower price cost than previous sock yarn (Sundara sock is temporarily not available for now) but with much better yardage, which is 492yard.

I received the first package few weeks ago and to be honest, I am not pleased with this new yarn base. I never expect it to be in similar quality as the sock yarn but this new yarn base seems not absorbing the dye well. It is not saturated and the yarn itself is not soft enough. I don’t know how it will turn out after blocked, but from what I see, the yarns start pilling a bit after few touch on them.

Before the Sundara Yarn Collection of May arrives, Sundara had a private sales for the same yarn base in other different colors. This sale was available for subscriber of SYC only. There were many beautiful colors in that sales. I picked 4 different color real quick and checked out. They arrived last Thursday and I realized I miss the Sundara Sock yarn base terribly. I feel the same towards this new yarn base, the dye color is not saturated and I actually found the yarn broken/frayed in a purple skein. I tied a knot for that.

I read up some comments in the Sundara group at Ravelry. Apparently some knitters have the same thought as me. One knitter actually found 5 knots in a skein and she was very unhappy with it. I will be waiting for this month subscription package patiently and see what colorway they will be. If I still feel uncertain about them, I just have to cancel the subscription.


The left 4 skeins are bought from the private sales. The right skein is Spanish stile.


The new fingering yarn base VS Sundara Sock yarn. The difference of the sheen on yarn is obvious.



Beautiful Sundara Sock yarn. I hope they wont discontinue this base.

One thought on “Let’s Talk About Yarn!

  1. That Sundara Sock is gorgeous. I think it is half the reason I had to knit Jaali! 🙂 (I love my Malabrigo version, but it lacks the shine of yours)

    As for stashes, my hubby doesn’t get it. Whenever he asks me what I want for birthday, or anniversary, or whathaveyou, I say “Yarn, of course”. To which he always answers, “But, you have yarn.”

    Sigh. I don’t have any Sundara Sock, Dear. 🙂

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