Sneak Peek – Elix

Elix is the new shawl that I have just finished making. Also the first shawl I used more than one color to make. I was in such eager to play with some color few weeks ago and there I designed this fun knit project.


I used a skein of Malabrigo sock Persia and a skein of Madelinetosh merino light Wren to make this shawl. This is a very easy knit. I picked an unique lace and cable stitches for the bottom and followed by simple reverse stockinette rows and drop stitches rows.

Why Elix? and what is Elix? It is just the last 4 characters I picked from the word ” Helix ” simply because the pretty twisting cable stitch at the border reminds me of the DNA double helix. I will put this shawl on test knit next week when the Melosa is ready for sales. What do you think about the color combination of Elix? Teal turquoise and golden pear? When I decided to match these 2 colors together, I realized that they are such rich mystery colors, just like the Egypt Cleopatra’s costume. I really love it!




The temperature here climbs like an ugly geiko. It will hit 99F today and it is not even Summer yet. I am soo not ready for Summer at all. Oh ya, is anyone watching the NBA final games? I have been following the games eventhough I am not a fans of NBA. Dallas Mavericks are in the game so I think I should show some support to my local team. The previous 2 games were exciting. My big fat heart can barely take it because both teams result are so close to each other. Can the Mavericks be the Champion this year???

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