Exhausted but Happy!

I am back from my trip. It was such a wonderful trip. Indeed, an adventurous one! I am still tired and restless from the LONG TRIP back home. John drove 19hrs non-stop (except nature’s calls and gas filling break time) from S.Dakota all the way back to Dallas. My back hurts badly when it came to the last 2 hrs of journey.

It was a lovely sight-seeing trip. I finally got to see the beautiful Colorado. I loveeee the mountains and lakes. We also drove up to Wyoming and S.Dakota. What to see at Wyoming? Devils Tower! Have you watched the movie “Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind” ? Devils Tower is the location that the UFO mother ship landed in that movie.

We spent two wonderful nights at the Stanley. The Stanley is the hotel that Stephen King stayed and got inspired to write the book ” The Shining”. And the Ghost hunters actually recorded some paranormal activities in the hotel. It is haunted! Well, we did not see anything weird or scary! I am glad the spirits leave us alone!

Good to be home anyway! I am now working on the mystery KAL that I plan to start at August. Everything seems exciting and interesting!

I will post more photos of the trip at next post.

Me in the Melosa at the Stanely front porch and doing the "Redrum redrum" shining fingering move!

John is doing the funny " redrum" move as well!

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