C for Colorado!

This trip was planned few months ahead and I was very excited about it. I never been to Colorado and I heard so much about it though. My Sista and brother in laws go to Colorado every falls and they love it. Not only that I was dying to see some breathtaking scenery, I couldn’t wait to stay in the Stanley’s as well.

It was a long road trip. Our initial plan was to stop at Trinidad (about 11hrs drive from Dallas) and spend a night there. But I-25 was closed due to the wild fire at Raton. We were sooo closed to Trinidad, probably just another 30mins. We got no choice but stayed a night at Raton that night. The 10-hr road trip was not bad at all because we were entertained well with the Casey Anthony trials on the satelite station as well the FINAL game of the NBA. We actually managed to see the last two quarters of the game after we checked in the hotel. Dallas Mavericks won the first ever NBA champion! That is terrifically amazing! 🙂

So back to the wild fire. We were hoping the highway will be opened up again the next day but guess what, no good news for us the next morning. That left us no choice but detour. We spent another 2 hours plus to get to Trinidad (It was only 30mins actually! WTH). Anyway, the rest of the trip of the day was easy. We passed by Denver, Boulder and finally got into Estes Park. We could actually see the snow mountain from far away  before we reached Denver. Aaah, I love snow mountain!

I really enjoy this road trip and I am glad that I gotta see other states. We went to the Rocky Mountain National Park that is near Estes Park. Besides that, we went to S.Dakota to see the Mt.Rushmore as well. On the way to S.Dakota, we passed by Wyoming and we stopped by real quick to say hi to the Devils tower.

Ok. Pictures time!



Stanley Hotel


No ghost or spirit spotted!



Enjoy the breeze at the front porch


Beautiful mirror deco


We will be back!









Devil's Tower




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