53 Caddy – Daisy

John has been looking up cars all the time. New car, old car, sport car or classic car. I call it his midlife crisis because he constantly wanting new toys for himself. After talking about getting a car for numerous time, I seriously mean like more than 1000 times. He spotted an old 53 Caddy on eBay started with a very attracting bidding price. With a little help from me, he managed to bid the car with a reasonable price and now it is a solid fact that WE own an old Caddy.

I know nothing much about old cars and to be honest, I show not much emotion towards this Caddy BUT I always tell John that, if this make him happy and keep him busy in spare time, I will always support his decision. Daisy is the given name to this Caddy by John and it was a hard task to take Daisy home all the way from Oklahoma. John and Jon spent almost 12 hours back and forth to tow Daisy home last Saturday. The garage was very well cleaned a week before Daisy’s arrival and now Daisy has totally occupied the garage and my poor car has to be parked at front house.

Daisy doesn’t run and a lot of works have to be done on her. John said she will be restored and transformed into a true beauty soon and I hope that day will come soon. I will not let her stays in the garage unmoved for more than 2 years. That is my MAX time frame.


The Summer Mystery KAL is going along well and there is only 1 clue left!!! How exciting that is? 🙂 Before this KAL ends, I have already decided on the next mystery KAL pattern. I shall reveal more about it next month!


2 thoughts on “53 Caddy – Daisy

  1. i’m coming over wednesday to see it, but i still CAN’T WAIT. i don’t know anything about cars either, but i’m still a photographer! I’M DYING PLEASE DON’T LET HIM START BEFORE I GET THERE.

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