Vitamin D is Done!

Clap clap for me! I managed to complete the Vitamin D cardigan before the end of September. It took me about 6 weeks to finish it and I am very happy with this project. It is a very well written pattern and also a very educational one! It definitely brushed up all the techniques I have learned a while ago! Woo hoo~ It is done and I have blocked it! I am hoping tomorrow afternoon I can show some modeled photo of this cardigan!

I am very tempted to knit another one in thick lace weight yarn. I have two Wollmeise lace garn yarn about to arrive and I hope one of the colors will be an exciting one. They both are Wollmeise we’re different grab bags that’s why I have no idea what colorway they are yet!

It is laying quitely wet on my living room carpet in front of my TV. Can’t wait to put it on and wear it in this coming Fall! 😀


Vitamin D - Unblocked!

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