Cardigan of the Year!

This will be a photo heavy loaded post as I want to show more photos of my cardigan Vitamin D. It is indeed a very delightful knit and I love the outcome so much. I used more than 2 skeins of Wollmeise twin to make this cardigan and I have 97g of 3rd skein left. That means I used about 180yard of the 3rd skein and I used a total of 1200yard of fingering weight yarn.


Vitamin D


Weighting left over on a digital scale I got from Knitpicks!

I have no problem following the pattern and it is so well written and crystal clear. I did slow down when I got to the short row session. I have very minimal experience in making short rows so I paid real good attention in working those wrapped stitches. After I blocked the cardigan, I realized the left front short rows are more flattering than the right front. Those wrapped stitches at left front are hidden more smoothly along other stitches whereas the right front wrapped stitches appear more pumpy. I wonder if other knitters have the same issue as me.


Left Front - smooth short rows wrapped stitches


Right Front - More pumpy wrapped stitches


Beautiful raglan design!


Flattering back of the cardigan


YO increase stitches


Love the simple garter rows around the front! Elegant!


Beautiful neckline - Simple but nice!

Another part of this pattern that really got my concern is the armpit hole joining session. I knitted both sleeves in the round and I tried to knit very tightly when joining the stitches at the first round to avoid big gap/hole. Also, I learn that I need to knit real tightly for the first round joining the left front, picked up stitches at armpit, back and right front as well. Picking up stitches from the sleeves at armpit is fun and yet challenging. Eventhough I tried real hard to avoid hole and gap at the underarm, still there were two obvious holey stitches occur after I joined all the stitches for the body. Therefore, I weaved in the yarn tail at the gap and also some stitches around to make it less visible.


Less visible underarm hole after yarn tail weaved in


More to improve in joining armpit hole session

This is a very beautiful cardigan that I can see myself wear very often. I love green and this Wollmeise new colorway Schwefel is a very interesting lime dark olive green. I am really proud of myself that I manage to complete this cardigan in 6 weeks without starting any other new projects.

If you are looking for a cardigan pattern to knit, I will strongly recommend Vitamin D by Heidi Kirrmaier! Both thumbs up! If I am ever going to knit another  Vitamin D, I will use a heavy lace weight yarn for it!


HEART my Vitamin D cardigan!

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