Long Post!

Before I start talking anything about my knitting, I want to post some photos of my Las Vegas trip. It was indeed a fun trip eventhough I won no money but Las Vegas is fun to visit! The lights, the crowd, the slot machines, the shows! I wish I would have walked further down the strip to see the water fountain show in front of the Bellagio and shopped my heart out at the Forum Shop but sadly that I din’t. I will definitely do this for my next return.


We stayed in the Luxor and I love those big palm trees.


Hoover Dam


Quite a sunny day and the new bridge is amazing!


Hoover Dam


Water level very much gone down!


John and I (more likely he MADE me do this) actually walked up the bridge and walked across it!


A long long long walk across the bridge.


All the night photos were taken in the car. They were too tired to walk anymore.


New York New York!


Beautiful branded stores buildings on the strip!




Fremont Street


Do you watch Pawn Star? We walked in and saw no Chumley!


Beautiful lights!


Not as beautiful as the real Eiffel but still it is beautiful!


Sin City!



Now I can talk about knitting! 🙂 I have sent out the last clue of the Koi Rama last week and I am happy to say that this mystery KAL was a good one too! Most knitters are still at Clue 2 or 3 but they definitely can take their time and pace to complete the shawl. Most importantly is, they enjoy the pattern and they like the outcome of it.

I made a medium and large of Koi Rama using Wollmeise 80/20 Twin in Dornroschen colorway and 100% superwash merino in Natur. They are fantastic yarn to work with and I always love how well they hold the stitch definition for most shawl designs of mine. Same as the previous mystery KAL, there is beads placement suggestions for Koi Rama as well. I did mine beadless but I saw some knitters used some amazing beads for Koi Rama and that totally make the shawls better.


Koi Rama in Large


Koi Rama in Medium


Can you see butterfly and Koi scale?

6.00 usd

Koi Rama is now available for sales at my Ravelry store. Both charts and written instruction are included in the pattern and this time, I attach some enlarged version of the charts too in case some knitters find the charts are too small and hard to read. Please feel free to look up some thread that I opened for this mystery KAL at my group if you have any question regarding the pattern. A FO thread is set up too, and you can post your FO photo there to share with us. I will randomly pick some FOs at the end of this year and some prizes will be sent out. Most likely will be yarn! We all love yarn, don’t we! 🙂

Koi Rama is actually a soft rounded edge shawl instead of a triangular shawl. I used my set of flexible blocking wire to get the blocking job done. I personally really happy with this design because I have been wanting to make something very vintage looks and holey lacey! This come out just like the way I vision it! I am happy!

Ok! One more exciting thing to share with everyone! Woolie ewe is my favourite LYS here and it is indeed a very big and successful yarn store. An email was sent out from them last month and guess what?! Ysolda Teague is coming to town and she will be giving classes that are organized by Woolie Ewe. WooHooo~~~ I din’t think more than 5 minutes and I got myself a slot in a sweater class. Ysolda is an amazing genius designer and I love her style! It will be so cool to meet her in person and I really don’t want to miss this chance!

Finally, the day has come and I went to the class with the little red in city book and a measurement tape! The class was held at a nearby hotel and there were about 20 of us who attended. Ysolda is a sweet girl with smiling face all the time. It was a informative and useful class and I so wanted to make a sweater right after that class. I was actually expecting to hear some strong Scottish accent from her but surprisingly I din’t! She sounds very much like an American to me! 😀 I had my final year of course done at Glasgow Scotland and I do miss their accent!

Anyway, I walked up to her to ask for her signature during the break! LOL! I like her and I am her fans! but I am too shy to take a photo of her or request to have a picture with her. I dint see any other knitters requested and… I am a little regret now! I am soo glad that I was able to meet her in person and attend a wonderful class of hers. I hope that one day, I can knit, design and teach just like her!


Meeting Ysolda Teague! How exciting!


She signed my book!!!

Well, it is overall a very very satisfying and great October!!! And guess what will actually make it PERFECT? The Texas Rangers WIN the World Series! Dearie Wombat is agreeing with me this time!


Go go Go~~~ Rangers!!!

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