My Play Pad!

I blame that on the hormone imbalance. My mood was swung terribly the past few days and I just dint know why. There was time that I dint feel like doing anything include knitting. I just wanted to lay down, sleep the whole day. But how many hours that we really can sleep? Once I sleep more than 10 hrs, I tend to have headache and that is not nice. Therefore, I decided to have a little fun with my favourite Wollmeise yarn stash. I wanted to admire the spectrum of yarn collection I have. Anyway, it was kinda therapeutic. I lay the yarn on the wooden floor and took some photos.


Wollmeise stash! From April this year till now!

Obviously, I had way too many purple and green, I really should start getting some red or orange. Christmas is coming soon and I want to stop buying yarn for at least few months till my Malaysia trip is over by end of March. I have hoarded too many fingering weight yarn and I successfully convinced myself to slow down in stalking Wollmeise as I already gotten most of the colorway I like. Anyway, the afternoon session with my yarn stash was a fun and successful one. I was delighted and motivated to knit again.








No more stalking for a while!

No shawl design idea at the moment and I really want to knit myself a sweater or cardigan or pullover for Christmas. I spent few days looking up patterns at Ravelry and I got better idea what kind of pullover I really want. No button holes, No zipper! No lace, no fingering weight. I knew exactly that is the perfect pullover I want when I saw Beatnik!

Beautiful Beatnik knitted with Berroco Remix. Photo taken from Knitty!

Boatneck cable pullover that is knitted up with tweed yarn! Sounds fantastic to me! Beatnik is a very beautiful pullover designs by Norah Gaughan. I really love the boatneck design! Have a closer look at this pullover, the seed/twisted stitches at the sleeves and side waist are beautiful too! Aaah, I love rich texture design and this will be a fun knit. After making up my mind about the pattern, I can’t think of any appropriate yarn to knit this. I want tweed Aran yarn for this pullover and I don’t have any in my yarn stash. Guess what? I made a trip to Woolie Ewe and got 14 balls of Kathmandu Aran of Queensland Collection. This is a beautiful aran tweed yarn that comes with many colorways. I pick colorway 177, a dark grey yarn with many beautiful sweet color bits on it. Bright fuchsia, sky blue, pastel yellow and white. I can’t wait to see how my version of Beatnik will look like using this yarn.


Kathmandu Aran 177



Now I got the yarn, the pattern and what should I do next? Making swatch I say this loud! Yup, I am going to make a gauge swatch tonight and decide what needle and size of the pattern I should make. I got 14 balls of yarn and there are still 2 full bags of this yarn at Woolie Ewe. I keep my fingers crossed that I will be able to get 2 or 3 more balls if I run short. I want to wear this for Christmas eve party. I WANT TO!!!

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