Baby Shower Baby Rose!

I went to Gloria’s (my sister in law) baby shower last Saturday and it was the first baby shower I ever attended. Monica, Malissa, Rosanne and I decided to throw Gloria a baby shower and we started planning everything 3 months ago. Everything was perfect and Gloria had so much fun in the party and so did I!

Gloria is expecting a baby boy and we don’t know what Gloria and Mike are going to name the baby so we all call him Baby Rose for the moment! (Rose is their last name!) The baby shower was held at Malissa’s house and she has a lovely house. I like the house layout so much especially the kitchen. Really really nice!


A wishing tree at the entrace. Guest can leave words and wishes for the baby and family!


Beautiful decoration!


One-sie and Bibs at the fireplace!


Cute owl pin/ornaments that Gloria handmade for all the guests!


Kitchen - wall decoration, baby shower master piece and OWL cake!






I love this green wall, hardwood floor kitchen! BIG LIKE!


Beverages counter. Those punches were delicious!


Cute Baby Lantern


This OWL cake tastes soo good!!! It is a raspberry twirl cake!

The party started at 1pm and everyone was there around 1.30pm. We all were having great time chatting, eating, drinking! We did play some games too! Some fun baby shower games. I love all the decoration Monica and Malissa did. It was simply sweet, simple and nice!

Gloria started opening up gifts around 2.30pm in the living room. I had my camera with me and I took many photos of her tearing up wrapping papers and opening up gifts! ๐Ÿ™‚ We all enjoyed looking at those tiny cute baby outfits. Baby Rose is going to have many cute shoes, booties to wear! Oh, someone gifted him a Texas Rangers onesie too! He so gonna be a Rangers fans too!

Guess what I prepare for Baby Rose? I made him a baby sweater! I knew I am going to make this when Gloria told me Owl is the baby shower theme and also the baby room decoration theme. I made a Owlet baby sweater. I used more than a skein of the Plucky Knitter MCN lite in colorway Barely Birch to make the sweater. It was fast and simple project. I think I finished it with 4 days. I din’t put on those button eyes a day before the party. I got some bright nice color buttons from the Hancock fabrics and I LOVE how they turn out! I actually spent quite some times to decide on the button size, color and I am so glad they all come together and make the sweater so cute! Gloria loves the sweater and everyone in the party likes it too! I was really thrilled by the responses and I guess that is the reason why more than thousands Owlet projects are on Ravelry. It is definitely a beautiful baby sweater pattern!


Can you see those Owls?


I got some hardboard decorative buttons from etsy!


I decorated the gift with these cute buttons.


Can't wait to see baby Rose wears this sweater.

Sweet Gloria has prepared some small gifts for the party organizers. I opened it up at the end of party and my jaw dropped when I saw that! It is a cute little felted knitting owl! This owl is standing on a branch and so focused on its knitting! It is just sooo adorable. It will be my most favourite ornament of year 2011 for sure! Gloria purchased this from and this crafter makes many other cute stuffs. Very very good craftsmanship I would say! I can see myself getting some other felted stuffs from this store!


A night owl who loves to knit --- That is ME!


Look at those garter rows! It is making a scarf!


Owls! New Ornaments for this year Christmas!

It was a fun baby shower and now, we just have to wait patiently for baby Rose’s arrival. I am so ready to see him! I told Gloria that I will keep making the Owl sweater for baby Rose till he is big enough to say NO or ENOUGH to owl sweater! ๐Ÿ™‚

3 thoughts on “Baby Shower Baby Rose!

  1. Hey KitMan! So glad you still have your blog – love your photos and knitting! Have updated the link from my blog. I keep checking into your blogspot site but finally you’ve got the new site address up. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love the baby shower deco/theme and gifts. awww…

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