The Tree is Up!

Less than 2 weeks the Christmas is here! John had all the lights up at the front yard the weekend after the Thanksgiving and we had the Christmas tree up in our living room last week too. This year, we use LED lights for the tree and I finally put up some nice ornaments I bought at the after Christmas sales. I love them! I will try to shop for more beautiful discounted ornaments every year after the Christmas.

I have finished knitting the levenwick and I need to weave in all the yarn ends before I can wear it. The size came out larger than I want but it is still a comfortable cozy jacket that warms me up! I plan to knit some scarves as Christmas gifts and I have 2 weeks to get that done. I already got the yarn and I just have to think of some patterns for them!

More knitting and more shopping to be done before the year ends!


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