Third time’s a Charm

I always wanted to make a chevron scarf and finally I got the chance to make one. It will be a Christmas gift for a family member and I assume she doesn’t read my blog. heee… I use two different colorway of Debbie Bliss chunky to make this cute zigzag scarf. The original pattern has YO’s on the RS rows and I don’t really like to have holes in this scarf, therefore I frogged it twice and finally got the pattern just the way I want! Instead of  YO, K, YO; I make M1R, K, M1L. I am pretty sure the zigzag pattern will stand out better after I block it.

The yarn is so nice to knit with. I hope she will love the colorway I picked and also the pattern! 😀 Something simple, trendy that can go easily with casual wear!


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