Blyth Shawlette

Finally, Blyth is published! Blyth is the first shawl I designed for The Knitter and it is published on the latest issue, 41. I was so excited when the deputy editor Rosee invited me to design a shawl for their magazine last year. Things went so smoothly and they sent me a skein of beautiful fingering sock yarn that dyed by I knit or dye. They probably could have read my mind because the colorway is drop dead gorgeous and I love the name of it too, ship of promises!


It is rather a challenging and fun knit. I combined 3 beautiful lace patterns for this shawl and the first lace pattern at the edging is an interesting knit. I have been waiting for this magazine since weeks ago. It is so exciting to see my first ever design being published on a magazine. I downloaded a digital copy from Apple application store and I showed it around to my family and friends. They are so proud of me and can’t believe I actually make my hobby into something bigger.


me me me!


I am really thankful for this given opportunity and I definitely hope to have more chance to have my patterns published! Life is good!


8 thoughts on “Blyth Shawlette

    • Hi,
      There are some knitters had made Damask with laceweight and smaller needle. Probably you can refer to the project pages at Ravelry to find out more ideas about this! 🙂

  1. Congratulations on being published! That is quite an accomplishment. I am sure we will see more of you in print as your designs are absolutely gorgeous! Good luck!

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