3rd Feb – 32nd !

I turn 32nd on 3rd Feb and I had a simple yet happy celebration with my family. It is hard to believe that I am already 32. I wish myself a very happy 32nd birthday –  the older the wiser, the healthier and the prettier! lol!


Happy Birthday to me! 🙂

I am having a very good time at Malaysia and I have been busy traveling around visiting my friends. Most friends that have migrated oversea come back for Chinese New Year too and we try to meet up everyone before this trip ends. There are still many friends that I haven’t seen yet. I am trying my best to squeeze everyone in any available slot.

There are not much knitting going on lately and I am still working on the pattern of Rev. I know I should have be more focus on it but the weather and busy schedule here make things pretty hard. Therefore, I decide to take my pace on it!


I am working hard on it... Rev

I din’t make any appointment with anyone this morning and I just want some quiet time for myself at home, listening to music, blogging, editing photos and work a little on the pattern. There are many photos taken in some interesting places the past few weeks. I definitely would like to share some here in upcoming posts.

January has gone and February is here, pretty soon March will come and John will join me in this trip. I am so looking forward to having John here! I am missing my DH, my dog pepe and cat skittle!


My brother's place


Hope to visit to NYC soon!

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