West Palm Beach + Drop City

July is a fruitful month eventhough it still has another 10 days to come to an end. I been telling myself to blog. I do have things to share but the lazy bugs in me win all time. I was just too lazy to post.

Anyway, I had a short getaway trip to Florida West Palm Beach with my girl fiend. Ashley is my ex housemate about 12 years ago when I was still at college in Malaysia. But faith has its way, we both come to the States about the same time but different places. She and her family stays at NYC and I stay at the lone star state. We have been keeping in touch all these years and I visited her twice at NYC and she came see me in Dallas last year too.

About the last week of June, she rang me up and told me that she quit her job and she will need a break before starting the next one. So she suggested to go somewhere for a short vacation. After some serious discussion, we both decided to go to West Palm Beach. We wanted a simple, relaxing beach + sun + resort holiday.

Omphoy resort was the hotel we stayed and I personally love this hotel. It is a very modern and contemporary hotel. It is located at the West Palm Beach with a nice swimming pool and Spa. 🙂 Ashley and I spent most of the time at the pool at day time. We went to the beach too but we both not liking the sand and sea water too much. LOL! Weather was not too good for the 2nd day we were there. The sun dint come out till late afternoon about 5pm. Overall, it was a pleasant vacation and the only thing I would complain is the food variety choices there. The room service and food from the hotel restaurant is pretty pricy and all of the restaurants closed by 5pm. We din’t rent any car so we couldn’t get to the downtown street for food. Good thing is, we discovered a nice breakfast/lunch place on the beach too, Benny’s on the beach. We went there twice to have some nice meal and coffee. That is a very unique restaurant. I really like it. Not only the food but also the nice sea view from there.


Very nice hotel room of Omphoy!


Patio at the beach side


The sea water is clear and sand is soft


Coconut treas … many of them!


The very blue sky, clear sky!


Love this pool! So nice!


Nice cabanas for relaxing at the pool!


Sunsetting! 🙂


Friendly staffs that bring us water with frutis in it and also clean towels.


Tex Mex wrap from Benny’s on the beach!


Beef Quesadilla


Coffee!!! I am a coffee addict!


Smoke salmon egg benedicts. Very yummy!


Steak and Eggs that Ashley had!

I have designed a shawlette/scarf and I have fun with it so much that I have actually made 4 of them in few different kind of variegated yarn. Drop City is the name I gave this design and it is already published few days ago in my Ravelry store. It is such a simple and addictive knit. There are 2 versions in the pattern, which is the thinner version and wider version. I really think it is a very good yarn busting project. I am glad that finally I can knit with some of those variegated colorful yarn I got. In fact, I just casted on the 5th Drop City with some Noro Aya.


Knitting a drop city using Noro Sock colorway 226


First Drop City that I made, with Wollmeise 100% Pure


Very beautiful bright color scarf. I really like this one!


You see some colorful nachos?


I used a skein of malabrigo sock Rayon Vert to make a wider version Drop City too.


scarves overloaded.

Planning to get some Christmas knittings going? This probably will be a good one because it is so easy and such a mindless knit. I actually plan to knit few more when the Olympic games are on so I can watch TV and knit at the same time without worrying if I mess up the pattern.

Oh, I almost forget to mention that DH’s birthday is on July too. We had a small celebration with the family and he was spoiled a little by most of us with some gifts. This year, I finally made him a pie. He is a pie lover and he always want me to make him a pie. I don’t grow up baking anything due to the culture difference but there is always the first time for everything right? So I took a big courage and make him a Coconut Cream Pie from scratch. And…. the pie turned out to be PERFECT! Ok~ For a first time pie-baker like me, I really think that is a perfect one! :p We all enjoy the pie very much and I get so excited that I want to make more pie! Guess what I will be making for the family this year Christmas dinner? hehe~


I got this pie crust recipe from http://www.allrecipes.com and it is good. I am really impressed with myself. *blushed*


Hubby said it looks like a pie that you buy from store. I like how the meringue browned up!


Coconut cream pie!

2 thoughts on “West Palm Beach + Drop City

  1. Wow! If it tastes as good as it looks, I’m sure it was perfect! My mouth is watering!
    Love your new scarf! And I sure do have some stash that needs “busting!”

  2. Love the scarf, makes the most of a selfstriping yarn. The beach resort looked beautiful but can’t believe the restaurants closed at 5pm. That’s early even for me. lol. Just come back from Spain and the Spanish don’t eat until 10pm which is way too late for me. Managed to wait till 9pm when we ate out in the evenings.

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