Visiting MadTosh at Fort Worth!

This happened 2 weeks ago when DH and I visited Diana (my SIL) at Fort Worth. I heard about opening of MadTosh retail quite a while ago and I always wanted to pay it a visit. Finally, we made a trip there after a nice lunch at Bernito.

It is a very spacious retail store at the corner of the shop lot and if I am not mistaken, it used to be a yarn shop too but a much smaller shop. That was a Sunday and there were few ladies having some sweet fun there. Besides madelinetosh yarn, MadTosh carries some other brand of yarn too. I believe I saw some Rowan, Blue Sky Alpaca and Debbie Bliss. Also, there are a collection of beautiful yarn section at another room of the store. That can be a heaven for sewers~

It din’t take too long for me to pick few skeins of yarn. 🙂 I always like Madelinetosh yarn and the colorway they create are amazing! I picked 3 skeins of merino lite in 3 different interesting colorways. I definitely want to design something using Madelinetosh yarn one day. I will let the photos speak the rest.


MadTosh Retail


Cute deco craftie lanterns in the store


I asked permission for photographing while she was busy winding the yarn. I forgot to ask for her name but I did tell her I gonna post some photos about the stores to make some knitters to get jealous! :p


My favourite racks – All the fingering weights!


Fabric! Rainbow way!


Another section of beautiful goodies! My eyes were real busy!


yarn yarn yarn!


The 3 skeins beauties I got! Which one speak the loudest to you?

5 thoughts on “Visiting MadTosh at Fort Worth!

  1. Green with envy! I recently tried MadTosh (also light) and can understand the fuss. Beautiful sheen, gorgeous colours. The teal one piques my interest most, followed by the maroon.

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