Some loves for the family~

I can hardly remember the last pair of socks that I have knitted. I believe it was at least 3 years ago. Due to the Ravellenic fun events in Ravelry, I decided to join in for some fun. I represented Wollmeiseholic group in the Sock Put events and I managed to make 2 pair of socks within 3 weeks when the London Olympic game was on.

Socks knitting is fun and apparently the socks bugs were all over me badly that I can’t stop making socks. I made a pair of Skew with a skein of Wollmeise Twin Schwammerl WD and it is a fun and interesting pattern with a whole new construction technique. The 2nd pair is also a fun pattern but an easier one, it is the Spider socks. I used a skein of Wollmeise Twin Olio Vergine for it. This socks is knitted for Gloria as her birthday gift. It has been gifted away this evening and she was so excited to see them. Rosanne wants me to make her a pair too and she want them in hot pink! I will have to look up my stash and see if I have any hot pink sock yarn.




Modelled by Hubby


Spider socks. How cool!


Big spiders!


I changed the pattern quite a bit at the back and I love the outcome.


Itsy bitsy spider…

After such a long time that I din’t knit any socks, I can say it loudly that I really enjoy making them. I realize that I can always finish making a pair of socks much faster if they are gifts for someone. Of course, an interesting and make sense pattern contributes a big factor as well. I plan to knit myself another pair of socks for this winter, most probably a Cookie A pattern. I can see myself knitting so busily soon because I have many new shawl design ideas in mind. Sometimes, I just wish I could be more productive and spend less time surfing internet and procrastinating….

Besides socks, I have knitted a cardigan for baby Elijah. Elijah is our dear nephew and he is such a cute sweetie pie of the family. He brings so much joy and happiness to us whenever he is around so he definitely deserves a lot of lovie loves from Aunty Kitman. I was too lazy to design a cardigan so I just browsed through Ravelry and picked a pattern that I really like. Gramps cardigan is exactly something I wanted to make for Elijah. In fact, I have the perfect choice of yarn for this project. I purchased some beautiful Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed Aran quite some times ago and they are just perfect for making this cardigan.

Gramps cardigan is a fun and fast project and I made a serious mistake for NOT reading some feedback at the project pages. The sizing of this cardigan seems a little problem for most knitters because it runs small. Elijah is 7-month old and I made the cardigan size in 18-month old. Even for this size, the sleeve size is so small. Anyway, I enjoy making it very much and I am sure it will keep Elijah warm for at least a winter~


Four wooded buttons that I got from Hancock Fabrics. Not cheap…


Love the colar!


The back


For baby Elijah~


Cable details on both side of the sleeves.

I learn a new short row method and I used it for the short row colar of Gramps cardigan. It is called shadow wrap. The short rows seem much nicer and neater at both side and I am really really happy learning this new method and technique. Oh, talking about new technique, I heard so much about this contiguous method. It is a whole new technique of knitting the shoulder seams and sleeve caps of a garment from the top down. It is a new raglan top down method that I can’t wait to try out. I already saw some beautiful pullovers and sweaters that are designed with this method show up at Ravelry and they are beautiful!

The coming weekend will be a 3 days weekend, after that, I will be all ready to fly off to UK for my 10 yrs after graduation trip. 🙂 I am all excited to be back to Scotland again. A land that gives me so much sweet and fond memories~ E.X.C.I.T.E.D !!!

3 thoughts on “Some loves for the family~

  1. those buttons may not have been cheap, but they complement the color of the tweedy yarn beautifully. well done, and i wish you well on your trip to the u.k.!

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