Finally, the pattern is released today! Here we welcome this pretty textured shawl – Cobble.


There are only few YO eyelets stitch are made at the first part of shawl and the shawl body are mainly cable stitch till the end. This is a lovely textured shawl that you will enjoy to knit. I believe there are some knitters who are not so into lace shawl knitting, probably this will be an option for them.

After making Cobble, I have an urge to make a crazy cable shawl using DK or worsted weight yarn. I probably will try to come up something after finish making the current project OR I just have to save that till falls. Ah, I just can’t stop looking at sock yarn lately (or all the time?). I should really really try to cut down spending on yarn but I always hear the evil in me says: ” Just one more skein, just one more that is it!” …… Where is the angel in me? I guess she is deeply buried in my yarn stash and trying hard to get her way out! haha!

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