Yay! It is finally done and I love it!

It took me a while to decide if I should make it a whole piece lace shawl or combine with a simple plain stockinette rows. Eventually, the ” less is more ” theory wins and I chose to have the stockinette rows as Part II for this shawl.

I used less than a skein of Wollmeise 100% for this shawl in medium and I still have quite a lot of left over. This is a beautiful olive color green that I love very much. Wollmeise is just too much fun to knit with. I got this skein of Pistazie from destash with a reasonable price. After reading up some useful information at Wollmeise group at Ravelry, I finally managed to buy some goodies from Wollmeise website last Thursday. Hooray!!! I was so excited about the whole stalking action. Seeing the screen gone grey, checking out the In-stock list nervously and also checking out the website with heart beat not less than 120/min. Aaah, I am thrilled and addicted too. I am sure I will be waiting for the weekly updates excitedly and patiently now on. I want to start working on my Wollmeise collection. =)

I name this new shawl of mine Frangipani and it is being test knitted by several favourite test knitters of mine. I am planning to have this pattern released by the end of May. After working few shawls in the row, I am thinking to design a hat or tam. Probably it is time to play with some DK weight yarn!


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