Swatch of Mystery KAL

The Summer Mystery Shawl KAL has started a week ago and it will close by tomorrow midnight. I am thrilled to see the great responds and I have fun discussing about this KAL with all the knitters. If you are interested to Sign Up , you still can do so before Friday 12am. I am so ready to release the 1st clue!!!

Here I attach my own swatch of the mystery shawl! How do you like the leaf pattern? I am using Wollmeise 100% in Kornblume colorway for this shawl. If you want to see more beautiful swatches that are made by knitters who participate in this KAL, you can find them in my group in Ravelry. I guess most of the knitters are still having hard time to decide on nupps making or beadings or not!

I also learned a new method of beading from this KAL, which is the crochet hook method. The beads are not required to be pre-strung before the cast on. Beads are put through the stitches that you want them to be with using a crochet hook at the wrong side rows, which is very easy. At first, I was confused about this because I din’t know if that will work for YOs stitches or not. So, I made a swatch that used two type of beading methods.


I suggest to have beads placed at the YO stitches of the shawl body which is very similar to the swatch and knitters can decide if they want the beads to go on the same place or not. The pre-string method is used for the bottom rows of YOs whereas the beads at the top 2 rows are placed with crochet hook at the WS rows. As you can see, the YOs show much wider and bigger when beads are placed with pre-string method and the YOs are smaller and tighter with crochet hook method. I personally like the bigger and wider YOs much better. I am not really a big bead knitter but it is always good to learn other techniques that can be used in the future!

1st clue of the mystery shawl will be released in another 24hrs and the sign up will be closed by then! Are you joining us? 🙂

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