Contest! Contest!

It is about the time again that I get to dig out all the coins I have from a piggy bank I purchased from Hobby-lobby few years ago. I always feel excited to find out how much I have saved up in this little clay piggy bank and normally I will spend the money on some yarn, cosmetic or perfume!

Guessing the total amount of the coin is a little game that I always play before I count. This time, I want to have everyone to PLAY with me! The piggy bank is almost all filled up and whoever that has the closest guess to the total amount of the coin will win herself/himself a present! You ask, what the prize would be? And I am answering you now …… It is a skein of Wollmeise 80/20 Twin Ein Klein wenig verruch! Pretty pretty Wollmeise yarn that is sufficient to knit a pair of sock or a medium size of shawl!


This is the first contest ever I have in my blog and I hope everyone will have some little fun in this crazy Summer! I am at Texas and the weather has been crazy hot around 100-106F. Not liking it at all~ Anyway, everyone can only have 1 guess. Please write your answer in the comment of this post with your email or ravelry username and the contest will end at Friday midnight. Hopefully by Sat or Sunday, I will be able to announce the winner!

Oh ya, I will ship the yarn to everywhere around the WORLD~~~Β  So this contest is open for EVERYONE! πŸ˜€

58 thoughts on “Contest! Contest!

  1. what a fun contest! i love collecting change – such an effortless way to save some money! I’m going to guess $72.83. I’m jaykayknits on ravelry.

  2. I am going to guess $45.37 as that is the first number that popped in my head!!
    CUte piggy!!
    nmaushak on ravelry

  3. $56.20! I do the same thing with all my change and even beg change off my hubby! I love shaking my little piggy bank (actually, its the shape of a gargoyle!)

  4. $55.67! It’s terribly hot here in Florida too. Luckily, it’s been raining in the afternoons to cool things off a bit. Beautiful yarn! (irishjennyknitts on rav)

  5. I’m going to say $75. That’s the number we got when my ex first counted up all the change he’d collected in his closet.

  6. $69.49 is my wildly uneducated guess. Thank you for offering this fun contest. Love the pig, the Wollmeise and the amusing comments with the guesses.
    ~knit1purl on rav

  7. $49.72 –We need to start some more piggy banks around my house…thanks for the contest and the reminder! foofymonkey on ravelry

  8. I’m going to guess $43.63. I love keeping all my change then buying myself a present with it!

    Chellobello (rav)

  9. $64.56. I went shopping at a farmer’s market yesterday with some of the change we had saved up. Really seems like found money.

  10. My guess is $63.47. Well actually it’s my husband’s guess. πŸ˜‰ Your penny bank is adorable.

    My Rav name is norabrown and Im part of your group on Rav.

  11. Ohhhh nice – I love contests:-)
    My guess is $ 64.23!! And I hope you spend it on something nice for your self:-)
    my ravname is Markat!

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