The Winner Is…….!!!

It is 6 minutes past midnight and the contest has just ended. Are you all curious to find out the EXACT amount of the coins I saved in that piggy bank?

There is ONE contestant REALLY guessed the CLOSEST answer.

Before I announce who the winner is, I want to reveal the answer. The total amount of the coins is……


So…. The winner is…….. * drum roll *



Crystal a.k.a ravelry username cadame! Her guessed answer is $85.50! Wow, almost spot-on! I will send you the yarn on coming Monday and I hope you will have fun with it making something nice!

Thanks so much for everyone who participated in this contest and I will try to come up more fun contests like this in the future! 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Winner Is…….!!!

  1. Congratulations to Crystal…and thanks, Kitman, for a fun contest and a chance to win such beautiful yarn. I’m a “Wollmeise virgin” as they say and hope to someday have a skein of it to play with. Btw, I love your designs!


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