Tired and Cranky

I felt extremely lonely when I woke up this morning after hubby went to work. I blame the hormone for messing with my emotion and I tried to find something to do so I can release some stress. There are so many house works to do to be honest and I decide to scrub the whole bathroom, floor, sink, bathtub, toilet…

I spent almost 1 and half hour to get the task done. I felt satisfied and my right hand was shivering shaking terribly after the hard work. I then knitted few rows of the cardigan in the living room watching latest episode of ” True Blood “. Mood was not getting any better and I can feel that I was in a very bad cranky mood.


My Vitamin D is growing


Simple elegant YO increase stitches

I thought why not get out the house and go somewhere. Probably I will feel better. I grabbed the key and drove myself to wholefood store. I wanted to make chicken soup for dinner tonight and I need some tomato, carrot. Colorful fruits and vegetable in the store did make me feel little better. Those organic food really look good!

We have dinner quite early compared to most people. I start cooking about 4pm everyday and eat around 4.30pm when John reaches home from work. 10 minutes after I dumped everything into the pot to make chicken soup, I kinda lost interest in the pot of soup. I wanted something else. (Hormone is playing tricks with my mind). I called up John tried to tell him that I want to eat out but he din’t pick up the phone.

Well, we stuck with the original plan, having the pot of chicken soup for dinner at home. It was actually very good.

It was a bad Monday. I don’t feel right at all. I am not sick but just moody, cranky and tired I guess. Is that PMS? I am not sure but I don’t like being this negative. I am popping some spicy wasabi green beans at the moment, hopefully that will help me feel better!


In Asian Kitchen, this is called ABC Soup!

2 thoughts on “Tired and Cranky

  1. You can´t be on top all day. I often feel like this when we loose the midnight sun. We have so little summer here in the North. The good thing is that we can use all the knitted stuff so much longer. 😉


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