Jade Turquoise

I received this skein of Sundara fingering merino, Island Breeze few months ago from the subscription. It is a monthly subscription since April but I have terminated the subscription at June because I am just not into the yarn base Sundara chose for. Island Breeze is a very beautiful colorway and I used it to knit a new rectangular shawl.

I have completed a full repeat at the moment and I have decided that it is the right choice of yarn for this design. I was struggled for a while as if the semi-solid colorway is too variegated to show off the pattern details. I was real close to frog the whole thing and start it with another solid colorway until this noon I snapped few shots of the project then I reassured myself that I will stick with Island Breeze to complete the whole shawl.


I can't wait to block this piece!

This fingering merino has a very good yardage, around 500yard/100gm. I will be expecting a 65″ shawl knitted with it using a 3.75mm needle. So far I haven’t come across any knot yet in this yarn and I thought I found some of them when I wound the yarn. Well, we will see~


Another textural lace shawl!

4 thoughts on “Jade Turquoise

  1. I was grumpy yesterday, it had been more than a week since i could leave home (I am disabled and my husband is my transportation until we move to a place that has a solid ramp for me and my chair). Yesterday we visited the local Farmer’s Market and it gave me back my cheer. The farmer’s market has fruits and veggies, but also has lovely friendly people, crafts and home made baked goods (the fresh herb stand was so fragrant, too!) perhaps you have a farmer’s market in your town? Our small town has two! I am so glad :-]

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