What to Cook!

I always run out of idea what to make for dinner and the question :” What do you want for dinner?” is at least asked twice a week in my household. It should not be hard to prepare dinner because there are only 2 of us but I am a very boring person in meal choice. I tend to buy mushroom, chicken, green pepper and lettuce all the time. LOL!

We try to cut down carbohydrate intake therefore I seldom cook rice nowadays. Most of the time I just “quick bake” microwave the two small size potatoes to go with some protein. Chicken is what we eat very often. John can be very picky eventhough he denies this. Allrecipes.com is the recipe site that I visit most of the time to get some ideas what good meals to make. I find that this site is very useful for a housewife like me that has very little experience with a kitchen. Do you all have hard time preparing meals for family? Please share with me some wonderful recipes site or even your grocery shopping tips!

There is a Kroger located within 3 miles of my place and I visit there more than twice a week to do grocery shopping. I made my way there this afternoon and bought some scallop to make some seared scallop pasta for dinner tonight. I omitted the heavy cream and made a lighter creamy sauce using whole milk and parmesan cheese BUT sadly that the sauce dint turn out quite right. It was too salty and watery. Anyway, that was what we had for dinner and that definitely is the worst meal I ever mad! 😀


I love corn very much!

6 more days till the end of  August. Before we say bye bye to August and welcome September, I would like to have my blog readers to hop over THIS THREAD at my Ravelry group to vote for your favourite mystery shawl! There are more than 35 beautiful shawls in the thread! The shawl that has the most clicked “LOVE” will win herself 3 beautiful skeins of yarn at the end of August. Please vote for shawls that you think is the BEST FO! To be honest, I have hard time to pick my favourite too! I have so much fun looking at different Mystere that are knitted with different colorway of fingering weight yarn. I really had a lot of fun in this mystery KAL!


Having so much fun with this mystery KAL and looking forward to the next one at October!

3 thoughts on “What to Cook!

  1. I often have a hard time figuring out what to make for dinner. I like allrecipes.com and I recently found a new site called http://www.homemadesimple.com/

    I found a really great recipe for Parmesan Crusted Chicken and Artichoke Linguine. It was nice and light for a hot summer day.

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