Welcome September

September sounds like a much cooling month and I am really liking it! Time tends to pass by faster once it steps in September. I am excited for the coming months of the rest of the year because I have some cool plans for it.

Thorn will be released by the mid of this month and I am in the process wrapping up the pattern. Test knitters have been wonderful in completing the tasks and I appreciate their hard works. Of course, Mira has been very generous in sponsoring her Baah! yarn, La Jolla for most test knitters. I hope more knitters will get the chance to know more about Baah!

What else is exciting? Well, there will be another mystery KAL coming up soon. It will start at October but the sign up begins much earlier than that. More details about this fun event will be updated here around mid September. This will be a interesting KAL I surely hope!

I have been debating and tempted to get a new lens for my DSRL but my dream lens is just too over budget! I keep thinking about it over and over again. Should I?! Well, I will keep looking again and see if there is any other better option with lower price. (Is that possible?) Oh, my dream lens is 17-55mm F/2.8 for Nikon.


Sweet from Argentina! It tastes like a moon pie!


Beautiful Light at Diana's




Antique Ceiling Light


Dinner of tonight - Rack of Lamb - Marinated


Served with spanish sald + Peta cheese! Yummo!

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