Magic Loop with Vitamin D

Finally I got my hands on my Vitamin D again after I completed Carlina. I really want to finish this cardigan by the end of September and the good news is, I already started the first sleeve today.

You can choose either knitting the sleeves flat or in the round and I chose the later method. Magic loop knitting is one of the skills that I learned online and it changes my whole knitting journey. I remembered I had so much fun practicing this technique making bags, socks and hair band. Magic loop knitting is a technique that allows you to knit a small circumference using a very long circular needle. It might seems confusing at first, but once you master it, you will love it!

Back to the left sleeve of my Vitamin D. It is so fun and quick to knit but I am having a dilemma at the moment. I don’t know if I should knit a full length long sleeve or the 3/4 length! I browsed through the project pages of this cardigan and I still can’t make up my mind. Decision. decision. decision!

When I am knitting in the round using magical loop method, there are few things I always make sure I do them right. 1st: I make sure that I don’t twist the stitches when joining them at the FIRST round. This is very important. You don’t want to find out this error few rounds later and tink back or frog the work. You will feel like killing yourself for this small error. 2nd: I knit the first few stitches very very tightly after joining at the first round to avoid wide apart gap. You want to make sure the gap is neat and as tight as possible so the seaming at the armpit hole can be done easily and perfectly later. 3rd: I knit the first 2 stitches on each needle tighter as well (every row) so the tension of all the stitches will be even. If we knit loosely or with regular tension between those joining session, a loose gap will normally occur and this will be so obvious to be seen. That is not what we want though.

Basically, those are what I concern and be real careful with when I am knitting in the round. Talking about circular needle. The flexibility of the needle cables play such vital role in circular knitting too. A pair of circular needle that has coiling cable can be very annoying to knit with. I have some decent experiences with few brands of circular needles. I will try to give some reviews of few widely used brands here in the future. I still need to try out one more popular brand before I can do a comparison.


Full length sleeves or 3/4?




due date - end of September!

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