I really had spent a long time to complete this shawl. I was not happy with certain part of the middle spine section of this shawl and I frogged twice to fix that up. Finally, this shawl is completed and the pattern has been tech edited.

This is a very exciting fun shawl because it is reversible. You get two different stitch pattern out of a shawl. A twisted leaves pattern show on the right side of this shawl and a soft wavy leaves pattern show on the wrong side. If you love leaf lace pattern like I do, you will have fun making this shawl. This shawl can be knitted up so quickly because the whole body of it is made up of simple reverse stockinette rows.



Without the body foam I have at home, I get a favor from my bestie to pose this shawl for me. This bottom-up shawl size can be easily modified by adding extra repeats on each triangle. Like most of my designs, this pattern also include both written and chart patterns.


ShinYen with Rev


Twisted leave pattern on the RS of Rev

Rev – 5.00usd

This pattern is released 2 weeks later than what I wanted but I am really happy that it is available for sales now. I am here at Malaysia for almost 4 weeks already and spending time with my parents and friends are just fantastic. Of course, I have been missing my DH, my dog and my cat terribly. John will come join me at mid March and it will be exciting to have a short trip with him here.

There is one project on my needle now and I haven’t touched it for more than 10 days already. I brought few balls of yarn with me but I think I can only make one more thing before I fly back to the States. I stay at my parents’ place this week and it is good to hang out with them. I realized that I still behave like a small kid around them. Time does wonder on many things. It ages our parents faster than we want. I pray that my parents can live healthily and happily for many many years. I want to learn to express my love to them better and better.